Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to my 3rd follower, TamRock!

Hi TamRock!! Thanks for "following" my blog!!

TamRock is one of my fellow gnome lovers from the PhenomeGnome site/forum. I recently found that online gem and have had a wonderful time there.

I will post a whole entry about PhenomeGnome soon...but I'm at work now and should :p

So welcome and thanks!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I finished my Gnome embroidery!!

Well, I finished the stitching part anyway. I haven't pressed and mounted it yet. But I'm so excited it's done!!! I'll post a photo when I'm totally done with it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Gnome Count Keeps Climbing

I believe that my gnome count is at 76 now...I always seem to get a slightly different number when I try to count, but I think that's right. I just bought 3 last night at Gordman's and 3 today at K-Mart. I always like K-Mart's gnomes. They have a very pleasant look to them...they are all made by the same factory. I also got a mushroom to go along with my gnomes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gnome Books

I guess since I'm a librarian (or rather a library paraprofessional) it's not unusual that I'm drawn to books. And Gnome books really fascinate me. I have a few...especially anything done by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet. They are the Dutch Kings of the Gnome Books, as far as I'm concerned. They wrote the most famous gnome book of all, Gnomes, in 1977 (well, Huygen wrote and Poortvliet illustrated it.)

I'll attach photos of my favorite books right now...I hope to get a few more in the near future:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gnome Fest 2010

Well, that's what Jess called our trip to Strasburg, IL on Saturday, June 5th. My friend and coworker, Gloria, her 20-yr-old daughter, Jess, and I made the 80 mile trip southeast for Strasburg's town-wide yard sales. And Jess took along her camera to document our journey. It was a hoot!

We left at 7:00 am (that's earlier than I get up for work!) And we arrived in Strasburg around 9:00 am.

Our first stop was the Marathon gas station where there was a table set up outside that said "Strasburg Gnome Sale." Well, I knew we were in the right place!!

We got out there and had a nice time talking to the women who were working at the tables. I bought a Strasburg T-shirt, travel mug, postcards, and one Gnome (a cute guy holding a mushroom.)

Jess took our photo there, but I won't post it here, because I don't think Gloria liked the photo. I looked awful, but I'm used to that. ;o)

Then we went back down the highway to the edge of town where there was a flea market. We perused the goods there...I got some nice "vintage" Dallas Cowboys/Troy Aikman stuff, and 3 vinyl records for my friend. Then at the Tupperware table I bought a set of 3 small sitting Gnomes. My favorite is the one reading the book...I've been wanting a reading Gnome for a while.

Then we drove around town for a bit, looking for Gnomes (trying not to be too obvious.) We did see one or two here or there, but we didn't see the homes that have the large numbers. Hopefully we can go back sometime and see those ladies' collections.

We stopped at the sales at the park under the shelter houses. I was enamored with the large gnome in the flower garden (pushing the wheelbarrow.) He's my favorite gnome ever!

We stopped at the Marathon/Subway and had a brunch. I also bought a piece of the Strasburg pottery there (stamped with the gnome.)

Lastly we stopped at Olivier's craft/fabric store on the other edge of town where I bought a bunch of embroidery floss, a couple embroidery books, and a little gnome.

Then we headed out of town. Jess took my photo by the town sign holding one of my new gnomes as we left.

All in all a great day for our first visit to Gnometown, USA. We will be back! ;o)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My friend's awesome Garden Gnome

My friend, Gloria, has a very nice Garden Gnome holding a book. But due to the weather outside, he was looking a bit faded and dirty. So her wonderfully artistic daughter, Jess, cleaned and painted him for her. And here is the little guy in all his glory! Great job, Jess!!