Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the eBay purchases start trickling in...

Last night when I got home from work, the first of my latest eBay Gnome purchases was in the mailbox. It's the Gnome with Lantern charm/zipper pull. At first I thought I'd use it as a zipper pull on my purse, but since it was a little smaller than I thought I felt it would make a great necklace pendant. So I worked my magic with pliers and put it on a silver chain I had. I'll use it as a necklace for now. I'm wearing it today!

I also had a slip telling me I have 2 packages at the Post Office. I'm pretty sure they are the Salt and Pepper Shaker Gnome and the Lady Cowboys Gnome! I won't have time to get them today, as I have to rush right home after work to get to an appointment. But hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow after work.

A special shoutout to my first follower, Courtney!!! Thanks so much, Courtney!! Great to have you here.