Saturday, May 29, 2010

Headed to Strasburg, IL Next Saturday

Strasburg, IL has been in the news lately due to their decision in 2007 to make Strasburg the “gnome capital of the world,” The small town (human population 603) was floundering and needed to revitalize their community and bring folks together. They also worked on more serious aspects (taxes, new businesses, etc.) but the Gnomes are what interest me the most, of course.

This April they held a Gnome Census which led to articles in local newspapers and even the Chicago Tribune. Come to find out the gnome population of Strasburg rivals that of the humans (405 so far...more coming out of the woodwork.)

A coworker of mine in the library showed me the article in the Trib, because he knew of my obsession with Gnomes (anyone I work with can easily see it due to my large collection of Gnomes in my office.) We investigated and found out about Strasburg's town-wide rummage sale on June 5. So me and 2 of my coworkers are planning on going. They like yard sales, I don't. But I love Gnomes. So I'm in. I hope to be able to buy one of their pottery pieces that have a Gnome imprinted in them somewhere. And maybe some Gnomes or other Gnome merchandise. Or even if I get some photos, I'll be happy.

Here's Strasburg's website:

I read they are considering having some type of Gnome festival in the fall. That would be very cool. Here is the latest newsletter:

I will let you all know how it goes after next Saturday...hopefully it won't rain!

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