Thursday, May 20, 2010

More eBay purchases arrived!

Yesterday I received 2 more of my recent eBay purchases, then one more today.

Yesterday I got the Gnome holding the salt and pepper shakers. And also the Lady Cowboys Gnome.

I must agree with my friend, Clyde, that the Lady Gnome looks older than she should. I think I figured out why though...most Gnomes do not have glasses. She is the only one I can think of that I've ever seen with them. Therefore, she looks more like Mrs. Claus than a female Gnome. But she's still cool. I think I will call her Clyde the Gnome's mom, rather than his wife.

The salt and pepper shaker set is very cute! Love having it in my kitchen.

Now today what I got was an embroidery kit that was from the 70s but no one ever did it. So it's the fabric, thread, frame, etc. I just need to do that embroidery work, which I really enjoy. So I'm excited to get started!! It's a Gnome in a Garden. Can't wait to post a completed photo.

I also have patterns for 4 Gnome counted cross-stitch pieces. But I'm not as big of fan of counted cross-stitch as other embroidery work. It's harder on my eyes. So small. But I really want to get one of those done this summer too.

I did a lot of embroidery work in 4-H while growing up, so I'm a pro. ;o) But it's been a while.


  1. Did you know that only one out of 7 dwarfs is happy? - i know dwarfs are not the same as gnomes, but thought u'd think this was funny. ;)
    wuv u my widdle gnome lover!

  2. Great blog, Carol :)

    Is there any way to see the salt and pepper shakers?

  3. Hmmm...who could Anonymous's such a mystery. ;o)

    Hey, A! Thanks! You can see a photo of the salt and pepper shakers in the post "Another eBay Gnome." I don't have any salt and pepper in them yet. Once I do I'll take an actual photo of mine.