Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World Wide Gnome Association

I became a member of the World Wide Gnome Association 2 years ago. It only cost $10, and that was a one-time fee. There are no yearly dues. We are led by Barb, also known as QueenGnome. I am known as Willow (the 310th member of the Association.) I was able to buy one year and two year patches/crests for only $5. And we are able to enter our name in a monthly drawing to win a small item (like a gnome art postcard or something similiar.) QueenGnome also sends us an e-mail newsletter every month with a link to her QueenGnome Diary.

It's a fun thing, and her website has lots of lovely Gnome information.

Here's the link to the QueenGnome's Homepage:

And here is the original site:

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